Introducing EVOLVE, the universal ski binding mounting jig. Now available for pre-order.
We are a small ski company nestled in the Italian Alps. Since 2017 we have been handcrafting top performing skis and even some unique tools.

SKIS 2024

The collection that marks the debut of Fuge Skis is finally here. Three models to embody our idea of free touring throughout its spectrum.

Performance meets sustainability

One does not necessarily exclude the other. Find out how selected natural fibers outperform the more commonly used E-Glass while conferring property hitherto impossible to achieve by any other material, all with a significantly lower impact on the environment.

Lasting Creations

In the slower-paced environment of artisanal production, attention to detail finds its needed time and the search for unique and long-lasting products takes priority over following the latest trends.

Made On-Demand

Skis are built only after the sale to avoid overproduction and improve sustainability.

Factory Direct

There is no intermediary. You get the product directly from the people who made it.

2 Years Warranty

All our skis come with a two-year warranty, while Evolve is covered for five years.

Secure Checkout

Choose the payment method you prefer and complete the purchase in total safety.